Aya Shawn
First of all, Long March 9 is a state-led aerospace project. Its boss is no one and it does not need to make a profit.
So they don’t need to attract investors, they don’t need to pay attention to stock prices, and they don’t need to gain attention on social media.
Secondly, the Long March 9 project is not particularly urgent for China’s space activities. For missions such as launching space station modules and exploring Mars and the moon, the existing Long March 5 can already meet the requirements.


CZ9 old version
So its project progress is not fast. Not even a prototype has been produced yet.
In fact, the first version of the Long March 9 design was more similar to the Saturn 5. The latest version of the Long March 9 design has added a recyclable function, making it more and more like a starship.

CZ9舊版 (配圖)

CZ9 New version


The Chinese seem to be waiting for the results of the Americans' experiments on the starship to clarify the right direction. They take their time to reduce unnecessary waste.
In general, Long March 9 is a low-key project that does not attract attention. Even in China few people pay attention.
So, you rarely see information about it.