Xun Ren
Highway? I am wondering what is highway? Of course we don’t have that. As everybody knows in the world. All Chinese are playing Chinese kongfu and we all have flying skill with a body as light as a swallow’s. So normally we are flying out and flying back everyday in daily-life.
I will show you some photo about the way of flying.


If you want to experience being flying in the sky. You could come to China. People will teach you how to fly and I promise that would be a fantastic experience. And I think you will have a different perspective about China.
:) Hope my answer would help you.

如果你想體驗在空中飛行的感覺,你可以來中國。人們會教你如何飛行,我保證那將是一次美妙的體驗。我認為你會對中國有不同的看法。:) 希望我的回答能夠幫到你。